Lots of people keep telling me that this idea of driving a tuk tuk for 30.000 km from Romania to Thailand, on a route that is really hard (extreme weather conditions on the time I’ll leave, plus bad roads on many of the countries up north), is just insane.

Well, I don’t expect to be easy. I’m not going there with the expectations of a person that goes there like in a 5*****, all inclusive resort, to have only sunny weather, to have what to eat and drink and don’t work my ass off to get there.

I want things to go bad (up until a certain amount of bad though) because, in my opinion, then is the time that I will remember. That is the time that will make me discover myself, that will make me grow powerful and it will strengthen both my body and my mind.

If everything it will be smooth, without exception, it will be a nice story to tell? Or, will you be interested to read a story that has no intrigue? If every day I will tell you: today was great, there was sun all day long, with good roads on the way, found a perfect place to sleep, some people offered something to eat, and so on, will you keep reading this blog for 6 months or how long this trip will take?

I think not. But, if from time to time there are some hard times that I have to overcome, when I’ll write that I had to sleep in freezing temperatures, that I got stuck somewhere and I had to wait 2 days for someone to come and help me, when I will try a different route that gets stuck at one point and that I have to make my way back to the original route, losing 2-3 days, I can bet you will read this blog without breathing, waiting and wanting to find out how I made it in the end.

And, maybe you think I want some things to go bad just to have what to write. No! I don’t want things to go bad. But I don’t want things to go smooth.

I mean, that’s what this adventure is about: unpredictable! If I can predict what will happen there, where is the point in doing this?

On the other hand, I’m sure things will go hard and bad at some point. And then, in those short (or long) moments of despair, I have to remember that this is one of the greatest adventures that I will probably have in my life, and that’s why I must go forward with it.

Below is a quote by Charlie Boorman, which I feel is really inspiring. And this in not only for the ones that travel, but for everyone that tries to do something in his life.

Adventure quote - charlie boorman


Charlie, along with Ewan McGregor, made those 2 great adventures on bikes, Long Way Round and Long Way Down – I’m watching the first one as a research for the trip, as they too crossed Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia too, and most of their route coincide with mine.

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