I woke up pretty early, watching the lake and enjoying the silence. I was excited to start driving again cuz i knew the road will be awesome and, since it was dark when i came to Sangkhlaburi, now i will be able to see how it is.

P guesthouse sangkhlaburi

After a short detour at Toy’s Restaurant to eat my breakfast, i was back on the road. Next place to be, Erawan, the one i heard so much about it.

The road was  spectacular, as i was expecting. The first 60 km from Sangkhlaburi are very curvy, with a lot of hills and valleys. And the view. Oh, the view.

View on the road t Sangkhlaburi

It’s hard to drive on a road like this because all you want to do is to stop and take pictures. Lots of pictures. And if there is no beautiful view, then there is a national park with some hot springs or a waterfall, or a cave with a temple in it! So you will stop anyway.

Road in Thailand

The first part of the road, those 60 km i was talking about, is going on the side of the Lake Vajiralongkorn, and artificial one. The dam with the same name was something i wanted to see on the way there, but since it was dark then, now it was the perfect time to see it.


The lake is nothing special, the view is not that spectacular at noon (probably the sunset is a better time to view from the dam), but i was impressed again how everything was in place. Clean alleys, entrance with a guard and a barrier, respectful people, signs on where to go anywhere. I was feeling like i visit a park, not a dam.

On top of the dam you can see other things that are spectacular. Monkeys. Thieves ones. Or at least the one i met, who tried to steal my tuk tuk. Ok, not to steal it, but at least one wanted to leave with my bottle of water. That’s when they left, cuz i tried to scare them away and they became aggressive, so i was the scared one. Luckily there was a guard who saw me having trouble and scared the monkeys away.


Getting back in control off my tuk tuk, i left as quick as i could, far from the aggressive monkeys.

Other than that, because i left kind of late and i had some detours and stops on the way, i had to speed up a bit and try to get to Erawan on day time. Which i failed, cuz my wrist still asks for many breaks, and the heat just makes me sleepy. It’s hard with no air conditioning in the tuk tuk! :P

I got there around 8, when everything was closed, and no one on the streets. And a bit scary too because of the forest fires that were way to close to the road or to the houses.


At Erawan National Park anyone can camp, as they have a big camping area, with showers and toilets. And this was what i did. I put my tent on the side of the river, opened a beer and enjoyed the silence and the mosquito bites.

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