Driving a tuk tuk is freedom! You can stop whenever and stay as long as you want, not depending on a bus schedule.

That’s why I love this trip. Driving away from Kanchanaburi, i was heading a bit north, towards the border with Burma (Myanmar), in a small town called SangkhlaBuri.

As i said, driving the tuk tuk mean freedom, so on the way i made some stops.

First was at Tham Krasae, the Death Railway wooden bridge. I just wanted to see it again, since the train ride from the other day didn’t allow me to explore everything i wanted! Here i saw the cave again, and i walked along the bridge. It’s impressive what the POW did here.

Driving further, i remembered i saw a great history park in a brochure of the Kanchanaburi District, Prasat Mueang Sing Historical Park, so i was heading there.

road to sangkhlaburi (3)

What amazed me at this park is the infrastructure they built around the ruins. There are the ruins of two old Khmer temples from 13th and 14th century. I was expecting to see some ruins and that’s it. But instead i discovered how good are Thai people at promoting and taking care of their history, in order to make a touristy thing out of it.road to sangkhlaburi (4)

The place looks great. Long paved alleys take you to the ruins. There are english signs telling you what the ruins represent. Everything is so well-preserved. WOW. Wish we have that in Romania. I was just thinking at the citadel we have in my hometown and how the authorities don’t know how to promote it and take care of it.road to sangkhlaburi (5)

After a 1 hour walk around the park, i hit the road again towards Sangkhlaburi. Next stop, Say Yok National Park, to see the Say Yok Waterfall. Again, i was amazed. Good infrastructure, picnic places, shops, parking lots, everything taking care of. WOW. Really, i never thought i will see something like this in Thailand. I know, maybe i sound ignorant, but i was expecting to see this kind of places in a worse shape as they are.

road to sangkhlaburi (9)

The waterfall though is not that special. Maybe because now is the dry season, but i don’t think in the rainy season is better. Is not that high, not that spectacular. But, you can visit the park to see some other things: a trail in the forest, a cave (which i wanted to enter but honestly i was afraid, it was hard to get in and i was alone), a camping and picnic area.

road to sangkhlaburi (7) road to sangkhlaburi (8)

Actually, Thai people use this national parks to go there with their families to enjoy the nature and spend some time far from the city. In the weekends they get crowded, so if you want some quiet time, go and visit them during the week.

As it was almost night and i had still a lot to drive, i made only one more stop: Hin Dat Hot Springs. Open until 10PM, here, for 40 baht, you can enjoy 2 pools with hot waters from the springs in the area. I stayed there to chill for an hour, relaxing my hand.

road to sangkhlaburi (10)

After i left the springs, i knew i cannot stop anymore if i don’t want to drive too much in the dark. Thing that happened any way because 60 km away from SangkhlaBuri the road was very curvy, with a lot of ups and downs, and not in the best condition (not bad, but very bumpy). So i had a very good time driving the tuk tuk on this road. This car can give you a lot of adrenaline when you drive it on such a good road. I must admit i was driving a bit too fast, since i was tired and i wanted to get there as fast as i could, but i also enjoyed to do that. And the tuk tuk did not disappoint me!

The only thing that was scary was the forest fires, as they have lots of them around this year, and the road was smoky most of the time, and  i could see the fire near the road.

road to sangkhlaburi (1)

I got to Sangkhlaburi quite late. No one on the streets  to ask for a place to sleep. I was looking on the internet, found a good place, but the check-in was closed (i think is the first time i see this…). Some guys drinking in a bar, volunteers for a charity, saved me, directing me to their hotel, one that was a bit expensive for my taste (450 baht/night), but it was the only one open at that hour. So after i checked in, i went back to the bar to drink a beer with the guys. Smithy and Francois were the two guys i got friends with, and had beers with them a bit late in the night.

Back at the hotel, my body was asking for some rest! I slept as soon as i hit the pillow. I was excited to explore the Burmese border and the city though, so i was thinking about that before sleep.

Three pagoda pass, here i come!


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