It’s wonderful to see that there are people who care for  you. People that would trade themselves for you to be ok. These are my friends. If there weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be on the airplane right now. They drove me to the airport and every each of them left his job for 2-3 hours to be next to the crazy one a.k.a. me, the one who was leaving!

  • Bro’ Luminiță, take good care of you. We wouldn’t want a thai girl to steal you. Or a thai boy…

I’ve heard this line like a thousand time in the past few months. Every person wants to remind me that not all the that girls are what there are supposed to be. It’s like I am going there for them, let’s be serious…

I was so happy that they stood with me until my security check. Even though I was a little bit embarrassed, I was filled with emotions. I didn’t know how to react at their good thoughts and their hugs!

  • Bring us something nice from Thailand! You know what, never mind, you bring yourself in good shape!

Hehe. I know they love me.

Adi and Olga made me their roomie at their place for 2-3 months. After I decided that I should not pay rent and I should invest that money in my trip. They were my family, I shared food, drinks and cigarettes with them. It s true, because I don’t have a job now, all those were theirs. And for this I will always be grateful.

And the others were a real support as well. Cipricutz always supported me, whenever. He lended me money and he gave me advice every time. As well as Radu, Panda and Dan.

For this trip, I borrowed their energy. Or better said, I stole it without telling them, because I have to deal with the unknown. Like all the ones back home, they sent me messages of encouragement, a good farewell and a beaten path for the tuk-tuk.

kon tuki friends

The Security Check lasted a little longer, because I had my last cigarette with them (I promise. Update: I bought cigarettes), I was a little late. Or so I’ve thought. I ran for my passport check because I thought that the gates will close. I lived this once. 2 years ago, when I left to see the Aurora Borealis, at the way back, I was late for the boarding and I was watching my plane flying.

My first flight takes me until Istanbul. I went with fear for the unknown. I was nervous. I took my place at the window so I could see the city that embraced me 4 years ago and now I leave him for a couple of months. But, I was “lucky”, and at ground was filled with fog. Even so, I had a moment when I could see half of Bucharest getting out of the fog, telling me: have a nice trip, with those lights sparkling.

bucharest fromabove

The flight was a little late because of the heavy traffic from Istanbul. I had to run again so I could catch the next flight, that would have taken me to Dubai. I went to transfer zone, and then I found out that I should take a boarding pass for the next flight. The begginer’s mistake, so to say. Left about-face and to the counter where there was a long queue. But everything went smoothly and in 5 minutes I had my boarding pass for both of the Emirates Flights. In the airport I run into Bogdan, one of the people who believed a lot in this project and helped me a lot. It seems that we flew on the same plane from Bucharest and now we are flying together to Dubai. He is going on a beautiful trip with his family.


In Emirates it s easy to relax and forget the problems. Or at least you try. And you won’t get bored. It’s my first time with a top airline, so I was amazed by the conditions up there. On demand movies, the new ones, tv show, games. Everything was at your disposal. Oh, and internet at 1 $, up in the sky!

10F. Middle row, second seat from left to right. On my left there was a gentleman well-dressed that slept all the time. In my right, a short bald guy. I thought he was Arabic.

He sees me on Facebook and asks how do I got Internet. I tell him about the super offer and in the same time I offer to share my connection. I am well intended, but the technology is not. You cannot make tethering at a Wi-fi connection. So, we gave up and started to talk about phones.

He asks me what phone do I got, because he does not sees the logo on the screen of the phone. I tell him is a Prestigio. He has not heard of them, but he takes it and starts to play with it. He likes it, but he says that he gave up Android long ago for Apple.

He works in oil industry, something with welded pipes in Iran. He says that he found on his iPhone the apps that would help him make his work easier. He has a pilot license and he found an app that helps him a lot when he is flying. He shows me a video from his plane during a family trip. I would say it’s like a road trip, but in the air. When I’ll grow, I will do this too!

I end up telling him about my adventure and he is impressed. I had to show him how a Tuk-Tuk looks like. He is doubled impressed now.

I started questioning him. He is american and now he flights to Costa Rica to see his family, that he hasn’t seen in 3 months. He is going to spend his holiday there and he will go surfing among others. His friends are jealous because he does that. He always tell them that he would rather kiss his kids good night and not go in this trip.

In the end he suggests me that I should take part at a kind of study that he does with the people who knows him. “What’s sin?” he asks. For a minute I was blocked. Then I had some thoughts and told him that, in my opinion, sin is when you make the other suffer, one way or another. He tells me that I am close enough, but there is more. He tells him that sin is when you want to be the owner of your life and you get God out of your way. He gives me some examples: Why do you steal? – To have that thing for yourself. Why do you cheat on your wife? – For you to have fun with an other. Conclusion? We sin because we are selfish.

We almost and we get ready to get off. I give me a brochure with the details of my trip so that he can follow my adventure. He gladly takes it and he is even astonished by the gesture. He turns his back and then he pulls a 100 $ bill and gives it to me. “It’s not much, but it will help you in your trip.” Thank you, Billy! I am so sorry we didn’t take a photo together.

In Dubai I cannot stop thinking why did they make a mall near the landing track. Or in the airport. It’s huge! So bit that you should take a train from one terminal to the other.

I quickly make my boarding thinking what movies I should see. 79K, at the window. It’s night, a window seat it’s useless. But maybe I will see the lights of the famous island of Dubai: Palm, The World and The Universe. I wasn’t lucky, but I am glad to see how the Arabian people thought the construction of this metropolis. It’s amazing what they have managed to do there in the last 20-30 years.

It’s almost morning, so I take a peak on the window trying to figure out what is underneath us. It’s ocean as your eyes cn see. At one point, the captain announces that we are flying on thai air. I cannot see too much, little fluffy clouds are covering the ground. But I still can enjoy the view.

sky abve thailand

I have landed. I am in Thailand! It smells like moisture mixed with some spicy flavor. Exactly how I imagined that Asia will smell like. Now, where am I going? Oh, yes. I should get my luggage. In the airport I am with my head in the clouds. I say to myself: follow the crowd. The verification of my passport and my visa and then I am officially on thai land.

I remember that someone told me that at the airport you get free phone cards if you take the express train to the city. I take one, then I go and buy a ticket from the machine. I take the train like I am guessing, to the closest station the my hostel, Makkasan. Then I see the English button. I was ok! I am getting other 2-3 free phone cards from 2 other misses that smile to me and then I get on the train.

Thailand looks interesting from my window. I see a big outdoor that say that it’s a sin to use Buddha’s image to get yourself a tattoo. Until I open the window to take picture, we are passing it.

Budha no tattoo outdoor

In the train I see a mix of locals and tourists that makes me not to feel that alone. Surprisingly, I feel good, I think my concerns and kneading were left somewhere in the air.

I try to catch sight of a tuk-tuk. My first. I cannot. I was expecting that there would be a lot on the highway collateral with the train line. Maybe I will get lucky in the city.

I get down at Makkasan and I search where to go to. I have 5.7 until my hostel, on Soi 38. Ok, let’s get a taxi, I tell myself. Instinctively, I go on the right of the street. Hehe, these people are the opposite. Bogdan, go, you have to carry again your backpack on the hill, to get on the other side. Because of the crowd you have to cross through some underground passages, that most of the time coincide with the train stations.

crowded street in bangkok

The city sings on the hum of mopeds, the best conveyance for this crowd. I can see a lot of moto-taxi drivers. And they are wackos. I cannot believe that they are not making accidents as they are driving like crazy.

motorcycles in bangkok

Because the hostel it’s far enough, I want to take a cab. And because I came here for a tuk-tuk, I want my first cab to be one. But I have no idea how to find a tuk-tuk around here. After I wait 15 minutes, I see one stuck in the crossroads. I run towards it, hoping it’s free. But he is going somewhere else. I am being stubborn and I am waiting for some other 15 minutes, but after that I give up and then I go and take the bus. On the road the king is welcoming me. Your majesty, thank you for having me. I have to go, ‘cause it feels so hot that I cannot stay anymore.

the king of thailand

The 38 takes me to Thong Lo. 12 baht the ticket, paid for it in the bus. It’s like 1.2 lei in Romanian money. It s good that they have air conditioner inside, even though I shiver, because I can feel cold on my back.

Along with me in the car, beside the driver and the women with the tickets, there are two more girls that have finished school. Their uniform has a white shirt and a black skirt. I am a little bit deranged by the fact that they are not waxed on their feet for a while, but then I think, maybe it’s part of their culture.

The driver makes his way through the crowd and after 15 minutes I am at the destination. At 100 meters from the station, over the street, it’s the hostel.

sukumvit soi 38 street food

Check-in, water and beer to cool myself! Then relax time. I am finally here, safe and sound!

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