That is the questions everybody is asking me since i came up with this idea.

Who am I?

bogdan dascalescuMy name is Bogdan Dascalescu. I am 28 y.o., I’m from Romania. I like the adventure and the adrenalline. I also like social media, online advertising, and everything related to the internet. For the last 11 months i was working as a Digital Media Specialist in a top PR firm from Romania, but i recently quit my job to get this idea to life.


How it all started?

Almost 6 months ago i met up with a good friend from childhood to catch up and make some plans to spend our vacation togheter, since we didn’t see eachother in a long time and we want to spend some more time togheter.

The next day he had a stroke that almost killed him. At 27 y.o., he is now struggling to survive. All his dreams that were postponed “for when i will have a career, a familly and money to travel the world”.

For almost one week i couldn’t do nothing than starring at the ceiling, without moving. I could barrely moved to the bathroom and back.

Then, i decided that my life means more than staying in an office, working, and that i have to make my dream come true now. So i started to work on that.

Some time ago i had the idea to hitchhike all the way from Romania to SE Asia. Then i found about a tuk tuk challenge in India. Then i thought i can drive a tuk tuk from Romania to SE Asia, since it seems like a great adventure.

So i started planning this trip. I quit my job, I started blogging again (I did that for almost 5 years now) and I looked for informations on how can i make this happen.

Travel the world in a Tuk Tuk

It seems like a great adventure, but is also really hard to do it. I read a lot on the web if this is possible and I found out the this little vehicle, used as taxies in SE Asia, can take you around the world if it was to.

30000 km in a tuk tuk

The Route

The route I choose is a bit wild too. Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. Different countries, different cultures, different people and habits. One epic journey with awesome sightseeing views, that requires courage and determination to be finished.

traveling from Romania to Thailand in a tuk tuk route

 The time

This will require some time to do it, since the tuk-tuk is not the fastest vehicle on the planet. That means that it will take me forever. Well, not forever, but at least 180 days. I want to travel slowly, to be able to find out more about the places I go, about the people I’ll meet. I want to learn their habits, to taste their food and drink their drinks as they are doing it, not as a tourist. I want to have time to observe them, to live like them and to learn as much as I can from them. And then put everything in words for the people that read me back home.

What qualifies me for this?

Ok, ok, you will ask me why do i think i can do this. Well, i like adventures, i like to travel different than most of the people do, and i had some experiences that made me an experienced traveller:

  • 2011 – I sailed 2 weeks on a raft with 3 other friends on the river Mures. The project was a hit, winning 2nd place at Webstock Awards and 3rd place at eTravel Awards ( 2 conferences about the online industry in Romania, the category was bloggers projects)
  • 2012 – I hitchhicked from Bucharest to NordKapp, Norway, to see the magnificent Aurora Borealis. This project also won 2nd place at Webstock Awards and 2nd place at eTravel Awards.
  • 2013 – I was Heineken’s Legendary Traveler in Romania, so I had a great experience finding my luggage in Spain to be able to get back home. Also, the whole time I was filmed, so they made some nice clips about this adventure.

Heinekens Legendary traveller

Support me if you like it!

Now, this adventure is kind of expensive, so any help is really appreciated. if you wanna donate via Paypal, you can do it here (or use the button on the website). Also, if you are representing a company that is interested in sponsoring this adventure, you can contact me at

If you want to keep track with this adventure, then please like my facebook page.


[TukTuk photo via TukTukTravels]

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