Maybe you are stuck in Bangkok for a few days, with little money in your pocket. And you will worry about how you will survive in this city.

I had to wait almost 1 month in Bangkok for my tuk tuk, and since I didn’t want to spend my money here, but save them for when I will travel with the tuk tuk, I learned how to live here really cheap.

So, you just need 500 baht per day to have a good day in Bangkok, with no worries about money for eating or drinking, or even accommodation. Of course, that means you will be on a budget and you will not spend money on unnecessary things.

Let’s take them one by one, and see how you will spend this money:

Accommodation – 250baht

I stayed at the Badaka99 hostel for 250baht a day. The place is near Khao San Road. Clean beds, hot shower, a chill area with nice couches where you can chill out, watch movies or listen to music. Also, a lot of cool travelers stay here, so you never know whom you will become friends with. I met some amazing people and had a great time with them here.

Badaka99 travel agency Badaka99 chill area Badaka99 bed

Badaka99 bedroom

Of course, you can find cheaper places, but I liked it here so I recommend you this hostel. Also, they have a travel agency on the ground floor, so you can book your next travels around Thailand or anywhere in the world there.

Food – 150 baht

You have multiple choices in Bangkok to eat very cheap, all around the city (well, maybe downtown it’s harder to find them, but still), having street food.

I ate cheap meals (30-50 baht each) in Khao San Road and Sukhumvit. Different dishes with rice, noodle soups or pad thai (fried noodles with vegetables, egg and/or meat).

If we assume that you want to eat 3 times a day, that makes it 150 baht max (I ate only twice a day, and it was ok for me). But if you eat one pad thai meal a day, which is 30 baht, that means you can also have some fruit (pineapple, watermelon, mango etc.) for 20 baht.

Also, you can buy a falafel for 100 baht or fruit shakes for 30-40 baht.

Street food on Khao San Road Duck with rice

Drinking – 100baht

Because in Bangkok the weather is really hot, you need to stay hydrated. For me 3 liters of water a day was more than enough. That means almost 30baht a day, if you buy the water from Seven Eleven.

So you will still have 70 baht left. Enough to have a beer, also bought from Seven Eleven, that costs around 55 baht for a big bottle (0.5l). At the street bars (Khao San Road) you can have a beer starting from 60 baht.

Thai Beers

Sightseeing – free

Ok, probably you don’t want to spend your whole day in the hostel. So you can go outside and just walk, you will enjoy it, there are a lot of things to discover on the streets of Bangkok. Also, there are many temples where the entrance is free, if you want to visit them.

Another cool thing to do, one that I like very much, is to go and spend time in parks. They are peaceful and quiet, with people doing sports, yoga, juggling and many other activities. It’s a good place to hide from the noise of the city.

Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (7) Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (2) Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (3) Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (4) Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (5) Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (6) Bangkok Park Phra Atrit (1)

So,there you go, now you know how to survive in Bangkok for a day with 500 baht. Of course, if you are more frugal, you can survive with less than that.

Enjoy Amazing Thailand!

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