I’ve been quiet in the past several weeks. You may think that i gave up on this project, but is not true.

Is hard when you have only an idea and no money. Or not enough money. Is hard to convince sponsors to chip in  for a project you believe in. They need proof. Proof that you are serious, that people will be interested in an adventure like this and that they will follow you to see the experiences you go through.

So, you need to show them something to gain their trust.

Crowdfunding is one proof. A perfect proof. Because if you can make people believe in you and give some of their hard worked money to help you make the dream come true, then that means your project in interesting.

So, that’s what I want to do. This morning I started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise part of the money for this trip. that’s why i’ve been quiet. It seems easy to put such a campaign on track, but there are lots of research to be done, and lots of other stuff (filming, editing, brainstorming, writing, deleting, writing again and so on..) that takes a lot of time. Especially when this is the first campaign of this kind you make.

Anyways, my goal is to raise 12.000EUR in 40 days. That is enough money to buy the tuk tuk, ship it from Thailand, pimp it and make all the other necessary things to go. The rest of the budget (to 30.000 euro) will be raised from sponsorships (hopefully)! If not, i will sell a kidney! :P

This being told, i need your help. You can go on this link and see what perks i prepared for you. Maybe you will love one and you will donate some money for the project.

If not, then please help me just by sharing this project with your friends. Maybe out there is someone you know interested in supporting such an adventure. Thank you very much!

Kon-Tuki - driving a tuk tuk for 30000 km from Romania to Thailand