In the last months i tries to find sponsors to help me with this project, to drive a tuk tuk from Thailand to Romania. Some were on board from the begining and supported me with everything i needed, some just stopped to answer to my emails or just ignored me.

But this wasn’t the issue. The big problem is China. To transit this country in a tuk tuk (or any other personal vehicle) you have to experience the bureaucracy and then to pay some big taxes. And this is beacuse you have to register your car with chinese plate numbers, to get a chinese driver’s licence, to have a guide with you (a local), and, of course, to tell them from before what is the route, beacuse you are not allowed to go wherever you want. 16 days throught China costs 7000 euros, this without my expenses (gas, food, accomodation).

I was researching for other ways to ship the tuk tuk from SE Asia to Kazahstan, but the costs are also high. Then i looked for an alternative route, through south Asia, but because of unstable Myanmar and other closed borders between different states, i got to the conclusion that it’s impossible, unfortunately, to make this trip. yeah, i coud ship it from one country to another, but the idea is to drive from country to country, not to always search for a way to do this shipping all the time.

Half dreams that come true are better than nothing

But i didn’t bail my dream. I just adapted to the situation, so that the project’s idea changed.

I will not drive the tuk tuk from Thailand to Romania, instead i will rent one and drive it around SE Asia for several months: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. And then i will probably head out to India, where i will try to find another local mean of transportation to travel with. Or maybe other places that i will find interesting when the time will come.

At the moment i’m researching on what i can see in these countries. I’m fascinated with the national parks in Thailand, so they will be on my top list for this trip, since i like more to see not so touristical places. Like Erawan National Park, for example.

Deep forest Waterfall in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

So, the plan is to leave at the begining of December to spend, as i always dreamed, winter holidays in shorts.

I know, everything transformed, and from a crazy and (some say) dangerous idea i got to one that even if it doesn’t seem like, it will be as beautifull as the initial one. I’m sure lots of challenges will show up in this version of the trip too.

Sometimes it’s ok to know when you have to let go to your dream just to make some parts of it a reality.

I wanna send thanks to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for supporting me and for the trust they have in me.

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