When you want something that you want and it’s not coming, you feel frustrated. Especially me, who I hate to wait. “God give me patience, but give it to me now!”.

After 2 months I spent in Thailand, the wait was over today! I managed to get everything in place, so this morning I was meeting with Mr Anuwat, the owner of Expertise, the tuk tuk factory, who gave me the tuk tuk.

After we signer the papers and some peep talk from him, telling me to be carefull cuz there are lots of dangers on the way, I went to take the bus to Chonburi, the town where the factory was located. It took me 1.5 hours by bus to get there! Here, an employee of mr Anuwat picked me up, took me to the factory, explained everything about the tuk tuk (well, it was like a conference call, mr Anuwat was telling him on the phone what he should show me), and then I was good to go.

Since it was almost dark, that meant that my first ride with a tuk tuk on the crazy roads of Thailand will be by night. Good start for this adventure, I might say!

I must admit that I was scared (and still are) because the thai drivers are a bit crazy. I feel like the driving rules are there only to decide whose fault was it in case of an accident. Other than that, it’s free for all.

To drive a tuk tuk is a bit hard and different from driving a car or a motorbike. The steering is a hard thing to do, the handlebar is hard to turn left or right, but once you get used to it it’s ok. And then there is the throttle. My right hand is killing me since I’m not used to the grip and my wrist also aches because I had to do a lot of accelerating and decelerating. I hope it will be ok in the end.

The first stop was Ayutthaya, which I visited briefly before. I got here at midnight, after 200 km of driving, interrupted by many stops to check the map to see if I’m on the right route. Fortunately, I have good orientation skills so I did no detours.

Once in Ayutthaya, I just wanted to go and sleep, cuz I was very tired. Driving for 5 hours by night drained all the power I had, so I just found a guest house to sleep.

It was a long day, with no food, almost no water, emotions and stress. So I had a small dinner bought from a Seven Eleven and then I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

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