Viza ThailandaThe last 4 months were crazy. 4 months in which I had one thing on my head, to leave to Thailand and have the best adventure ever, one I will never forget: to drive a tuk tuk and to discover one part of the world I always wanted to see.

Probably I’ve made a lot of mistakes down the road. But I was expecting that. I had lots of problems that made me change the idea of the project, who gave me headaches and got me stressed way over my limit.

Somehow, I had a hard time getting here. I know, few people believed that I will succeed to make this project happen. Even I had my doubts at some times and believed that I will never get to an end with it.

But, karma plays on my team. Someone up there loves me, so that I had awesome friends and people believing in me and helping me out. My friends, the people from Thailand’s Tourism Board, the sponsors, they all put their trust in me and made everything possible.

Almost 30 hours until I will fly to Bangkok. I’m still in denial, I cannot believe it’s gonna happen. There are still 1000 problems to be solved along the way so I’m a bit stressed. I didn’t packed, all of my stuff are scattered in 100 places.

But i know i will find a solution for everything. Honesstly, I like that everything is that hard. Because i think that when things go wrong, then the adventure starts. Good things come hard, isnt’t it? So that’s why I will enjoy this trip more than ever.

For several months I will be alone in a country I read a lot of things and which I hope it will be a great host. I know, there will be many people i will get to know on the road, but they will be strangers anyway. I’ll try to make friends, for sure, awesome people to make me forget I miss my country and my friends and family.

Other than that, there will be a huge pressure on my shoulders. I know, it’s so easy to travel around the world in a tuk tuk from the confort of your home, reading this blog with a cup of coffee in your hand, but when you are travelling alone, find great stories and write as often as you can on your blog, trying to keep you readers happy, well, that is a hard job, my friends. Many of you think it’s like a vacation for me. And it is, I’m doing what I like, so yeah, it’s gonna be nice. but I have to work hard, because I want to do a good job with this project.

Before I go, i have one last thought for you: Dream on and believe in your dreams. Somehow the universe will make things happen and it will make you happy. Nothing it’s impossible. I know, it’s a cliche, but think again! It’s all up to you and the decision you make. Don’t let the time pass near you. Life is short, things change around you, and i don’t want you to wake up one day and realize one day that your life went by.

I hope you will enjoy reading me. I hope you will come here everyday to read my adventures. Thank you!

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