After a long day of travelling, and after the jet lags puts possession over my body,I decide that the first thing I should do in Bangkok it is to sleep a little. I should see Erick, a great blogger that I met on a bloggers meet from this Year, #priNeamt, held in my country, but I need my sleep now.

Room 201, first floor, a bedroom for boys, 8 bunk beds. I chose one of the bed upstairs, not only room in HI SSukhumvit Hostel Bangkokbecause I like them, but because all the rest are taken.


The smell in the room is a little bit weird, a mix of sweating, smelly feet, deodorant and moist. But I am not a picky guy, so it’s ok for me.

– Hei, man. What the f*ck? Wake up, we should have seen each other at 7. Romanian people, they are always late!, concludes Erick, while tryin’ to keep my eyes open.

– Alright, alright, I am awake now, I mumble half asleep.

Erick was for so many times in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, so we went for a beer for me to find out what is it with this town, to talk about one another, things that had happened since we haven’t met. Because I have not eaten anything besides the meals from the plane, we decide not to go too far from the hostel, so we found a place on the street that I live on. Sukhumvit Soi 38, a street that at night comes to life because of the fact that you find a lot of small terraces that sell food.


The smell is weird: garlic, fried bread, some spicy flavor, sea food and fish, everything ‘seasoned’ with a weird smell like from a duct. Sometimes it’s unbereable even for someone like me, not very picky on his living conditions.

First meal in Thailand, a bowl of noodle with pork and chicken. I hesitate at the beginning, because I don’t know what to expect.

– Come on, eat!, says Erick

And I do not eat it because he pushes me from behind, but because my stomach wants it. I try not to make a fuss when I taste it, but I immediately see that I really like it. Oh, it was so easy.

The night was short. 3-4 beers, talking with Erick, telling stories, then with a guy Matt, american as well, who has a software firm. Me and Erick are tryin’ to convince him to go to Romania. Erick (one of the guys that told every foreign blogger how cool Romania is), tells Matt what can he visit and what his expectations will be. I am more of empiric and I tell him that he can find good programmers for his start-up.

Having Beer with Erick (Minority Nomad)

Our meeting comes to an end, Erick is a little upset because tomorrow has stuff to do and he always says that when he meets Romanian people is the same

– You always say that it’s only one beer, but I always get drunk. Take care!

You too Erick. I have work to do myself. Tomorrow I am going to visit the Anuwat Tuk-Tuk manufacture, Expertise Co.LTD. I fall asleep half drunk.

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