I woke up rested. Well, except my hands, who still hurts after their first time driving a tuk tuk. My palms scream at me, red: ” Buy gloves or we won’t work today!”. aye aye captain!

I packed slowly, checked the tuk tuk for oil, water and so on, and then started to wander around Ayutthaya.

Last night I had troubles with some dogs, when i was trying to get water from the shop, there were way to many of them at every corner, but today, the heat must have scared them away.

Being a thursday, Ayutthaya is not that packed with tourists. So i can go and visit everything i want without queuing up to wait. The thing is that most things you can see in Ayutthaya are old ruins or temples. Usually the entrance is 50 baht for each attraction. In Thailand, only farangs pay a ticket (most of the times).

Ayutthaya was once one the biggest cities in the world, very prosperous and with a big population, until it was destroyed by the conquering Burmese army in 1767. They kinda burned everything to the ground, so the remaining ruins show just a glimpse of the glory this town had. Imagine that here lived 1 million people in 18th century.

Because I’ve been here before, there are only 2 things i want to see:

1. The buddha head in a tree, at  Wat Phra Mahathat. This is a main attraction at the temple, every  one make pictures with it. The walk around the other ruins is just so you will not feel like you paid only for that. But it was ok for me!



2. The ruins that appear on all the leaflets about the city, Wat Chaiwatthanaram. These are really impressive. Somehow symmetric (it seems like Siam people loves symmetry), old, these buildings must have seen many things happening. They stay high almost on the bank of river Chao Praya.

DSC06908 DSC06914 DSC06916 DSC06921 DSC06926 DSC06896

After a tour of the city, i was preparing to leave Ayutthaya, not before eating, so it will not happen like yesterday when i didn’t eat nothing. So i parked my tuk tuk at a small restaurant, sitting down and waiting for someone to take my order. Here come this lady, asking me what i want. Rice with vegetables, no meat, please, i say. Ok ok, she replies. I still got something else…


I my lunch, then head to the counter to pay.

No money, mister, lady paid for you!, the guy that works there said to me.

What? Um, how come?

She said very nice tuk tuk, drive safe, mister!

I was impressed by that. A random lady, seeing a farang driving a tuk tuk, buys him a meal. Good job Thailand, that was amazing!

Oh yeah, people are very impressed seeing me driving the tuk tuk. There are a lot of them waving at me, smiling and give me thumbs up.

Well, Ayutthaya, that was it, it’s time to move forward. Next, Kanchanaburi!

tuk tuk kontuki

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