To get to Sangkhlaburi you have to head north from Kanchanaburi, along the Death Railway. The town is 230 km from Kanchanaburi and 24 km from the Burmese border.

Sangkhlaburi. This is the real Thailand. Remote places where you cannot find a lot of tourists, when people still giggle when they see someone different from them, where they live their life without being disturbed.

I was just talking the other days with someone about how thai people from touristy towns kind of lost their culture because they adapted tourist’s culture. For example, in the towns you cannot see many tourists people take their shoes off when they enter 7/11. In touristy towns no one does that, because most of the customers are tourists, so they don’t do that!

It’s not the same in Sangkhlaburi. Here almost everything is untouched. This is a small village, divided by a lake. Across the lake you have Sapahan Mon, the longest hand-made wooden bridge in Thailand, a great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. And the sunset is beautiful also.

Sangkhlaburi (1)

If you feel brave, you can take a swim jumping from the bridge straight into the water, from over 20m high, as local kids do. I was tempted to do that actually, but it didn’t seem safe for me. Now I kind of regret it. But for them it looked very fun, they little adrenaline junkies.

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Sangkhlaburi is a small town, as I said, and an ugly one. Well, probably its me the one who doesn’t appreciate thai villages,  but they don’t have nothing special. Also, since now is the dry season, it feels like you are in a late autumn, so not so much green stuff around the town. But the surroundings are amazing.

Sangkhlaburi (20)

After I gave my body his ratio of rest, I put my gloves on and went around to see the beauty of the place. I heard many things about The Three Pagoda Pass, so I headed that way. The road that takes you to the Burmese border is amazing. Good asphalt, nice views, it makes you wanna stop only when you are too tired to drive.

Sangkhlaburi (2)

The pass is nothing special though. But I went there just to spend one day in Burma, since I heard this is possible. It wasn’t because of some troubles they have across the border, so it’s not safe for foreign people to go there.

And the three pagoda’s are not the original ones.

Sangkhlaburi (5)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place to visit. Only that road makes all the money if you ride a tuk tuk or a bike on it. Or maybe a car, but the freedom feeling will be more powerful if you can feel the wind blowing away the heat from your skin.

At the border you can find a small market with souvenirs, cigars and alcohol, usually way cheaper than in the city.

Sangkhlaburi (3)

On the way back I saw a sign about a waterfall, on the left, so I said I should see it and cool off a bit in the water. Again, the road to the waterfall was amazing. Not so wide, but surrounded by trees, with good asphalt and a lot of curves. A pleasure to drive my tuk tuk there.

After I got to the national park’s headquarters (yeah, they almost always have a national park around this great places, I had to leave my tuk tuk in the parking lot and walk around half an hour through the jungle to find the waterfall.  The quiet of the jungle, the shades from the bamboo trees and the little stream that you have to cross multiple times, all make this an amazing place to visit.

Sangkhlaburi (11)Sangkhlaburi (6)

The waterfall is not that big, probably because of the dry season, but the blue-green water that is flowing over the limestone rocks is really nice.

Sangkhlaburi (7) Sangkhlaburi (8) Sangkhlaburi (9) Sangkhlaburi (10)

I took a swim in the river on my way back to cool of and prepare for the road back to the village.

In the evening I enjoyed a walk around the bridge, while people were amussed that a farang is driving a tuk tuk around their town. Also, local kids loved to climb on it and play around.

Near the Sapahan Mon bridge there is a bridge made out of bamboo rafts.This one looks even better than the wooden bridge, in my opinion. Lots of local people often use this one to cross the lake and little kids jump in the water from here, at the sunset.

Sangkhlaburi (12) Sangkhlaburi (13) Sangkhlaburi (14) Sangkhlaburi (16) Sangkhlaburi (17) Sangkhlaburi (19) Sangkhlaburi (21) Sangkhlaburi (22)

By night the town is quiet, only music from the temple, some kind of prayers, can be heard. Or the crickets and frogs around the lake.

Sangkhlaburi (23)

 Where to stay:

P Guesthouse – The place I stayed is really cool, with cheap rooms, a view towards the lake and really nice staff (you will have to read future articles to see why)

Where to eat:

Toy’s restaurant – really good cheap food and friendly staff. I had all my meals there, they were amazing.

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